May 22-24, 2024 at Ghost Ranch, NM

From the exceptional landscape at Ghost Ranch, participants will be invited to stay on campus overnight, with classroom presentations on site and field trips to local sites by bus or vans.

Potential Topics for the Spring Workshop

  • Statewide water perspectives and challenges
  • Infrastructure and dams
  • Acequias and diversions
  • Shortage sharing agreements on the Chama River
  • Regionalization options for water systems
  • Local geology and hydrology
  • Impacts of climate change

The general format of the Water Leaders workshop is below. Healthy meal options will be provided.

  • Day 1: Half day optional field trip
  • Day 1 Evening social
  • Day 2: Official workshop start, presentations and indoors discussions
  • Day 2: Late morning and afternoon field trip, travel by bus
  • Day 2: Evening dinner and presentations
  • Day 3: Final presentations/ discussions
  • Day 3: Optional field trip
Local perspectives on water
Local, regional, and statewide perspectives
Extreme Sports Waterboarding
Building awareness and connections