Water Education Program

New Mexico

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New Mexico’s Water Education Program, hosted by the New Mexico Bureau of Geology

The purpose of the Water Education Program is to equip New Mexico’s legislators and other leaders with the essential information that is required to make informed decisions about water-related challenges. We recognize the importance of providing legislators, water leaders, and decision-makers with opportunities to enhance their knowledge base, build connections with a wide range of water experts, and see the affected landscapes. Join us and get involved as this program grows. 

  • Annual Water Leaders Workshops

  • Rio Chama Experience overnight rafting trips

Scientific and Unbiased Information

Required for today’s decision making, especially related to water in the desert southwest

The intended participants of this program will include state legislators, federal legislators, legislative staff, subject matter experts, as well as other agency and organization representatives in decision making roles. The Water Education Program hosted by NM Bureau of Geology focuses specifically on water issues and builds on previous experiences, including hosting New Mexico’s Decision Makers outdoor conferences.